What is FlashDrive?

It’s a kart racer with cars. Kinda like Sonic All Star Racing but with a stylized/cartoon art style.

When will this game be out?

We don’t have a set release date, but we’re aiming for Q4 of 2018.

What platforms will this game be on?

For release, we plan for FlashDrive to only be available on PC.

How much will the game cost?

We are not sure yet, however, it will probably be around 15$.

Can I monetize videos or streams of FlashDrive?

Yes! Of Course.

Is there a demo/beta to playtest?

Yes, play the demo here!


We will be doing a beta on steam before release. To hear about that first join our Discord here!

What software do you use?

We use Unity for our engine, blender for models, photoshop for art & textures, and audacity and FMOD for sound.

Our friend Bryce helping with the music uses FL Studio.

How big is the team?

We are three people strong! Caleb is the main programmer and does all things networking, Noah creates all of the art, and Christian creates all the sounds while helping code too.

Is there a presskit & press copies of the game?

You can find the press kit here.

For more images, head to the media tab of our website.

We will be giving out press copies of the game near release. If you think you deserve one, email us and tell us why.

How do I contact you?

Email us at: Teammonumental@hotmail.com

Tweet us: @TeamMonumental

Join our Discord