A Short Summary

Inspired by Mario Kart, Rocket League, and Sonic All Star Racing, FlashDrive is a stylized arcade racer with customizable vehicles and an assortment of power-ups.

It Features:

  • Fast-paced arcade racing with drifting, boosting, ability usage, and hazard dodging!
  • A Range of vehicles with fully customizable colors!
  • Map hazards such as meteors, volcano fireballs, ooze geysers, and giant wrecking balls.
  • Power-ups such as: a huge bowling ball and a giant snowball which grows in size.
  • A playable demo with multiplayer. Invite your friends!

Download the demo here.

Who is TeamMonumental?

We’re a group of college friends who have all been playing games together and programming for a few years. We previously made two Minecraft mods (Fusion Warfare and Fission Warfare) and have participated in multiple Ludum Dare game jams. FlashDrive is our first game, and nearly everything in the project was made by us.

Because we are a small team, everyone does a bit of everything.

We’d also like to thank our friend Bryce who is currently helping us with the music. He’ll get a more formal introduction when we’re finished/when he’s ready.

Also, thanks to our friend Micah for helping us create the vehicle models!