Devlog #4 (August 3rd) “Hats and Flags”

We’ve added hats and flags to the cars! These are only the beginning of the many customizable features which we want to add to the vehicles. We plan to have most customizations and vehicles unlocked by simply playing the game. Don’t worry, we will never add loot boxes or make the player pay to get anything in-game.

(Apologies for the lack of gifs in this post, I’m currently out of an editing software. Il fix this for the next post)

We’ve also added two new vehicle models into FlashDrive,  courtesy of Calemi and our friend Micah.

We’ve also added feedback-text to warn you of incoming power-ups, and alert you when a player has been hit by your rocket.

We have also begun working on a trick system involving the jumps, which we are re-working to more closely model something similar to Mario-Kart. Steamworks is finally in too, and it lays the groundwork for the upcoming beta and inevitable final-release.

Next up:

-We will continue to work on the university map and add more car models and customizations. Content, content, content.

-Game juice, power-up feedback, improved sounds, animations, and more!

-Lots of testing and cleaning up. Fixing bugs and optimizing the game is very important to us.

That’s it! I’m sorry that this Devlog is short and brief, its midnight and Caleb and I have been staying up late working on the jumps. I’m very tired but I thought getting something out would be better than nothing.  College starts soon so things may get difficult, however, we are committed to finishing this project.




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