Devlog #3 (July 11th) “Searing Shores”

Hello to everyone viewing this devlog on our new website! On our website, you can find pics and gifs of the game, information about our team, frequently asked questions, and access to all the important links such as Discord, Twitter, and the demo. It feels good to finally have all the information about our game in one secure place. If you have any problems viewing the website please let us know.

Searing Shores

Our second map, Searing Shores, is complete! It was mostly a remake of our original island map, and it’s notably different from our other map, Shadowood Bay. We learned make the finish line longer, make the map transitions more fluent, stop cutting the map into small, separate sections, and of course we cut down on the time it took to develop.

One mistake we did make in Searing Shores was the use of too many trees in the jungle which caused lag. However, the map’s pros include an erupting volcano, a beautiful waterfront, and our first use of animated animals.

New Lobby GUI/System

Besides working on Searing shores, we’ve been playtesting the game a lot and refining the lobby system & user interface. Our goal is to make it easy to grab some friends and start racing, without complicated screens or having to constantly return to the lobby.

Everything here is a WIP.

Preview of the next map

The third times a charm right? Now that we’ve made two maps hopefully the third will go quicker and smoother. That’s pretty optimistic thinking, and inevitably something will go wrong, however we are always getting better at dealing with problems. We already have the third map planned out, and have begun working on the models.

Here’s a small preview.

Whats next?

Our goals are as follows:

  • Complete the third map
  • Add a fourth vehicle model & experiment with more vehicle customization
  • Integrate Steamworks
  • Further Update the engine sound

As always, thank you so much for supporting us and reading this devlog!

Many thanks,

Team Monumental.

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