Devlog #5 (December 21st) “Moving On”

FlashDrive will be free for all to download on                                                                            

We are stopping development and moving on.  We’ve added a room code system and a new lobby, along with some various minor features. You are still able to play with your friends.

The last thing I want to do is let people down. We have been working on this game for nearly two years now, when we originally anticipated to be working on it for a few months. For the last couple of months we have not been working as a team. We lost interest and motivation for FlashDrive, mainly due to the maps taking so long to make, which is extremely tough on Calemi (our only artist). We all want to work on another, smaller, game. We cannot do that while FlashDrive is incomplete. So we’re finishing it. It will be on for free, for all to download. You can still play with your friends, and if you have any major bugs, let us know and we’ll try to help. There will be no more content developed for FlashDrive.

We have learned so much from this experience. Myself, Calemi, and Kryto are all extremely thankful for the support everyone has shown us through this project. We also couldn’t have done it without our friend Micah (car models) and Bryce (music). This is a massive weight lifted off our shoulders, and looking at where we began, I’m very proud of what we’ve done.


Team Monumental

Devlog #4 (August 3rd) “Hats and Flags”

We’ve added hats and flags to the cars! These are only the beginning of the many customizable features which we want to add to the vehicles. We plan to have most customizations and vehicles unlocked by simply playing the game. Don’t worry, we will never add loot boxes or make the player pay to get anything in-game.

(Apologies for the lack of gifs in this post, I’m currently out of an editing software. Il fix this for the next post)

We’ve also added two new vehicle models into FlashDrive,  courtesy of Calemi and our friend Micah.

We’ve also added feedback-text to warn you of incoming power-ups, and alert you when a player has been hit by your rocket.

We have also begun working on a trick system involving the jumps, which we are re-working to more closely model something similar to Mario-Kart. Steamworks is finally in too, and it lays the groundwork for the upcoming beta and inevitable final-release.

Next up:

-We will continue to work on the university map and add more car models and customizations. Content, content, content.

-Game juice, power-up feedback, improved sounds, animations, and more!

-Lots of testing and cleaning up. Fixing bugs and optimizing the game is very important to us.

That’s it! I’m sorry that this Devlog is short and brief, its midnight and Caleb and I have been staying up late working on the jumps. I’m very tired but I thought getting something out would be better than nothing.  College starts soon so things may get difficult, however, we are committed to finishing this project.




Devlog #3 (July 11th) “Searing Shores”

Hello to everyone viewing this devlog on our new website! On our website, you can find pics and gifs of the game, information about our team, frequently asked questions, and access to all the important links such as Discord, Twitter, and the demo. It feels good to finally have all the information about our game in one secure place. If you have any problems viewing the website please let us know.

Searing Shores

Our second map, Searing Shores, is complete! It was mostly a remake of our original island map, and it’s notably different from our other map, Shadowood Bay. We learned make the finish line longer, make the map transitions more fluent, stop cutting the map into small, separate sections, and of course we cut down on the time it took to develop.

One mistake we did make in Searing Shores was the use of too many trees in the jungle which caused lag. However, the map’s pros include an erupting volcano, a beautiful waterfront, and our first use of animated animals.

New Lobby GUI/System

Besides working on Searing shores, we’ve been playtesting the game a lot and refining the lobby system & user interface. Our goal is to make it easy to grab some friends and start racing, without complicated screens or having to constantly return to the lobby.

Everything here is a WIP.

Preview of the next map

The third times a charm right? Now that we’ve made two maps hopefully the third will go quicker and smoother. That’s pretty optimistic thinking, and inevitably something will go wrong, however we are always getting better at dealing with problems. We already have the third map planned out, and have begun working on the models.

Here’s a small preview.

Whats next?

Our goals are as follows:

  • Complete the third map
  • Add a fourth vehicle model & experiment with more vehicle customization
  • Integrate Steamworks
  • Further Update the engine sound

As always, thank you so much for supporting us and reading this devlog!

Many thanks,

Team Monumental.

Devlog #2 (June 21st) “Post-Kickstarter”

What’s up everyone!

This will be the last update posted to Kickstarter, as we will be moving our future devlogs to our website.

We’ll spread the word about our website via Twitter, Discord, and everywhere else when its ready. We’ve also decided to stop making videos to go along with the devlogs. I felt that I could be spending the time I was putting into making these devlog videos into actually working on the game. Simply putting together a blog post is much easier, and will allow for more frequent posts.

Kickstarter’s over

The Kickstarter is over and we were not successfully funded. We saw this coming and not much is going to change regarding development moving forward. We’ve already paid for a few things out of pocket and we’re going to continue doing so. Once again, I’d like to thank all the people who pledged their support for the game and encouraged us to keep developing. You’re always welcome in our Discord!

So hows the Island Map going?

Well, the cave and jungle are pretty much finished, and the beach is halfway there. Once all the models are in, we still have to add in rolling barrels, falling stalactites, the volcano eruption, and many more things like the power-ups and boost pads. Overall it’s coming along well. It will most certainly be finished for the next devlog.

A FlashDrive Website

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a Flashdrive website with WordPress. I’ve got some early templates set up and plan to start posting the devlogs there. The website is not yet complete, as it still needs some re-arranging and new art, however, I will start filling it with content soon.

An early preview of the website layout.

I briefly wanted to thank everyone who filled out this survey which we linked in the last devlog. Having feedback from you guys about what you like/dislike most about the game, and what you want to see next is very helpful, so if you haven’t filled that out go ahead and do so.

FlashDrive survey

Other Minor Changes

The next thing which we’ve prioritized is a little scenic map tour before the game starts. Similar to Mario Kart and Sonic All Star Racing, before you load into the map you get a small preview of what the map looks like, and it builds anticipation for you to get started and race. Currently, the car instantly spawns in, as there is no lobby system. So, adding this is kind of a pain. Caleb recently got sick so things have slightly slowed down, however, this feature is in development.

The car motor sound is also important to us, and I’ve changed the players motor sound. It used to be a 3d emitter, and because the camera (which has the listener on it) was far away and behind the player, it sounded kinda off. Now it’s a clear, 2d sound whose pitch and volume now increases with the boost speed. Many more changes are coming to the motor sound in the future.

Up Next

So, as just discussed, we are finishing the map, adding a cinematic intro to the maps, creating a website, and improving the motor sound. Beyond that, another important feature is steam support. We will most likely start this in July, and when its done the game will have a steam page and everything(though it won’t be released.) As always thanks for reading and supporting us!


Team Monumental


Devlog #1 (June 4th), “Some Hiccups”

Hey everyone! Christian here. It’s been nearly 3 weeks since we launched the Kickstarter and I wanted to update you all on whats been going on. I hope to make these Devlogs a consistent thing throughout development and beyond release, every couple weeks or so. I recommend you watch the Devlog video, however, feel free to just read the page too.

(Sorry for the bad video quality, first time rendering a vid on this new laptop. Will fix soon)

Some Problems

Right after we launched we upgraded to Unity 2018. That would not last long, but I’ll explain why later. We use a service called Photon for networking. They also have in-game voice support which Caleb began implementing a couple weeks ago. Well, he ran into problems. TLDR, countless hours were spent trying to find out the issues when it turned out the problem was his mic. So he bought a new one and it still didn’t work. The culprit was a Windows update. One which specifically changed the privacy settings and was not accessing/recognizing his microphone. After days of frustration, this was finally resolved. Then my computer died 🙁

I opened up my pc to figure out what happened and after consulting friends I am pretty sure that the motherboard broke. Instead of buying a new one, I had already been saving money to ditch my desktop and buy a laptop for school in the fall. I went ahead and bought a new laptop and just transferred everything from my hard drive over. When re-installing FMOD(a sound engine and api for Unity) I figured out that FMOD 1.10 was not compatible with Unity 2018.

I had already opened my project(with all the sounds) with FMOD 1.10 and there was no going back to 1.19. After lots of debate, we came to the conclusion that we must revert back to Unity 2017.3. Thankfully, we didn’t lose much.

A New Map

Now for some long-awaited, somewhat good news! The island map which you’ve seen in screenshots and gifs is being re-done. (it was never playable for a reason) Why? Well for one, the jump from the cave to the jungle caused major psychics problems, there were too many sharp 90 degree turns, and overall the map was quite small and linear. We’ve learned a lot since we made the old map and are only a few weeks away(or sooner) from completing the new and improved tropical island. (Btw we block things out in white cubes before we add in the real models)

Here’s the old map

Here’s some progress in the new map

Here are some new models

One other thing we added is shortcut support for the ai cars. Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t, but in the current demo the ai cars only follow the main track. They do not take shortcuts/alternate paths. Now, they find the closest point to them and follow the most optimal/shortest route.

Whats next?

Obviously, the main thing this game needs is more maps and more vehicles. We’ve put off making more vehicles for a while, but it won’t be too hard or take too long. The maps, however, are another story. We definitely spent way too much time on Shadowood Bay(the playable map in the demo). It’s too large, and it features way too many different environments, each of which the player does not pass through for long enough. One of my number #1 goals is and always has been shortening the amount of time it takes to create a map. It’s still a lot of work for Noah, but it’s a very important thing to do. Because the Island map is a remake, and not new, it should be done very soon.

Moving forward, we need to set up a website. Kickstarter will end soon, and we need another place to host all of our information and post these Devlogs. If you have any suggestions on websites or how to make your own let me know. The other next big thing is steam integration and taking steps towards a closed beta. We have a giant TODO list, and it’s gonna stay that way.

Thank you! (and a survey)

Lastly, but most importantly I want to say thank you. I don’t want the potential for the Kickstarter to not get funded to overshadow all the support you guys have given us. The pledges mean so much, and more than the money, we’ve always wanted to build a community through Kickstarter. Thanks for joining the discord, following on twitter, pledging on Kickstarter, and viewing this message 🙂 I am forever grateful.

Also, we’d love to hear your feedback on certain aspects of the game. So fill out this google form!

It’s mostly multiple choice so it should be quick. You can give us more feedback by commenting on this post, contacting us on Twitter, or in the Discord!

We’ll see you again in a few weeks!